Legacy of Inquisition

Legacy of the Inquisition

Despite the fact that the medieval inquisition was not the only inquisition implemented by the Catholic Church, it certainly proved to leave an indelible mark not only on European history, but on the Church’s history as well. Once the trial concluded, people attempted to return their normal lives. However, it is not surprising that many felt that the Catholic Church was now resolved in a tumultuous internal power-struggle with evil intentions.

This dark period essentially re-shaped the Catholic Church into a dictatorship, but one of intellectual manners. The Church seemed to have no trouble making itself the world-police regarding all matters of Christianity. Following the medieval inquisition, other historical ones took place that targeted other “heretical” sects.

Historically, the inquisitions damaged not only the intellectual properties of individuals, but they also stifled the creative potential of these accused people. The Catholic Church even went as far to implement the Index of Forbidden Books, which intended to foil any efforts of spreading anti-Catholic propaganda.


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