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Bogomil Cosmogony
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God the Father had two sons, Satanail and Michael (called Christ on earth). The feudal order belonged to Satanail, and had to be overcome and defeated by the good God. While the Good God was creating the seven heavens, the Good God left the four elements (water, earth, air and fire) to hover in nebulous form. Satanail wanted to bring order to these nebulous forms and create his own empire. Satanail summoned the help of a number of angels to aid him in creating this empire. Once the Father heard of the plans, he cast Satanail out of heaven and deprived him of light. The Father also cast the angels away with his fallen son.

Satanail still possessed power, and he resolved to put order to the chaotic material on which he now rested. Because Satanail could not create this empire alone, he begged his Father to grant him permission to create a new empire. Satanail promised that he would only rule over this new world for seven ages. During these seven ages, Satanail would also create generations of people to take the place of the fallen angels, as a way to pay for his evil intentions. Because God is good and generous, he consented.

Therefore, Satanail created the material earth and all the animals that inhabit it. When it came time to create the first man, Satanail successfully created Adamís body by himself, but he could not breathe life into it on his own. Satanail attempted to breathe life into the soul-less body, but could not. For three hundred years, Satanail devoured every animal he could, and crammed foxes, cats, dogs, frogs, insects and other creatures into his mouth, then attempted to breathe this into Adam once again. Adam was given life with an unclean spirit. Satanail created Eve in the same manner. Satanail then turned himself into a serpent, and deceived Eve. Together, Satanail and Eve produced Cain, who would later kill his brother Abel. Satanail began to rule the empire in tyranny.

Once he saw the awful mess and evil world that he helped create, the Father sent Michael down to the material world to save the humans from his fallen son. Now known as Christ, his birth of the Virgin Mary became an illusion. However, Satanail captured Christ, and hung him on the cross. Christís death on the cross was yet another illusion. Instead, Christ ascended into heaven and managed to capture Satanail and his angels. Christ sent Satanail to live in the fiery pit of hell. Because the Ď-ilí ending of his name carried angelic implications, Christ had them removed from his name, and now called his brother Satan.

Once Christ ascended to heaven to re-join the Father, Satan managed to escape from hell with his angels. Satan chose to center his evil deeds in Jerusalem, where he dispatched evil angels to create churches all over the land. With emperors and powerful men as his servants, Satan continued to rule.



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