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The Medieval Cathars taught eschatology whose main goal was liberation from the realm of limitation and a corruption identified with material existence. The Cathars firmly believed that matter’s enslaving bonds must be broken to attain salvation. In order to do this, individuals must embark on their own path. Each individual accomplished this systematic process differently.

The Cathars also strongly believed in reincarnation. The Cathars believed that individuals unable to achieve liberation through gnosis during their current mortal journey would return to continue their path. Reincarnation was not necessary, nor desirable. The Cathars believed that reincarnation is the result of an individual leading a false mortal life, obviously unable to break the bonds of material enslavement.

The Mystic Christ
   by Ethan Walker III
The light of non-duality and the path of love according to the life and teachings of Jesus. The Gnostic path is the inner path to God-realization. Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and the other great Masters are all one and in essence taught the same thing.


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