Gnostic meditation

Gnostic Meditation

        Gnostic Meditation

Meditation is the means by which the individual may achieve direct union with God. In order to attain this gnosis, one must first fully understand the mind. All through our lives, we have grown accustomed to indirect experiences. The text that you are reading right now is understood through such an indirect experience. For instance, there is the process of reading. Through this indirect experience, this text may be understood and fully comprehended by the reader. Gnosis is attained through direct experience. The only way to achieve a direct experience is by transcending the ego.

The ego is what separates each individual. Those that have yet to abandon the ego are still under the impression that everyone is separate. However, this could not be further from the truth. We are all one; we are one of the same God. Because of this, the ego blinds us. Without the ego, we are able to see that we are all brothers and sisters. Through meditation, the ego is torn down, and the true essential meaning of life is revealed.

This type of meditation proves to be difficult for some, but it doesn’t have to be. The most important component of this meditation is the mind. Without a calm mind, gnosis cannot be attained. A good metaphor for this is to picture the mind as a lake. All of our current thoughts, worries, desires and characteristics create ripples on the lake of our minds. With so many ripples in our lake, the reflection is distorted when we look into it. By calming our mind, the ego will be transcended, and the lake will be calm. The calm lake reflects a clear, un-distorted reflection. This reflection is gnosis. This reflection is God.

Many believe that Gnosticism is an esoteric, a secret religion. While the term “esoteric” is commonly used to describe this religion, it is not nearly as secret as many think. Rather, Gnosticism is open to anyone and everyone. The mystics that have attained gnosis in the past were not subscribers to a secret religion or teaching. Instead, these mystics were fully capacitating their minds. Mystics read further into scriptural texts and begin to see that we are actually all one. This practice is open to anyone – anyone that is willing to leave their ego behind on a spiritual journey to fully understand all that God has to offer.

The Mystic Christ
   by Ethan Walker III

The light of non-duality and the path of love according to the life and teachings of Jesus. The Gnostic path is the inner path to God-realization. Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and the other great Masters are all one and in essence taught the same thing.
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