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Manichean Cosmogony

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In the beginning, the Holy Spirit came and revealed a way of truth. The Holy Spirit taught of two natures – the Light and Darkness. Within the Kingdom of Light, there were five greatnesses, consisting of the Father and his twelve aeons. The Kingdom of Darkness also consisted of five chambers; they were constantly at war with one another.

Because the Darkness was at war within itself, it wished to attack the peaceful Kingdom of Light. Thankfully, there was a host of angels in the Kingdom of Light, and they possessed the power to conquer and defeat the evil Darkness.

The Father was warned about the eminent attack on his Kingdom of Light, and sent his Son (who in turn produced himself a Maiden), and provided the five powers so that they may fight against the five chambers of the Darkness.

When the Son showed his Maiden (his soul) to the Powers of Darkness, the Dark powers became angry, and wanted to possess her. The Darkness attempted to swallow the Maiden. Seeing this, the Father seized the power of the Maiden, and spread it over the Darkness. The Father rained her powers upon them so that she would pierce their insides and bind them together without their knowledge.

After the Son ended his struggle, the Father sent forth his Second Son. The Second Son came, helped the First Son out of the Darkness, and built the world out of mixture from the Light and Darkness.

The Powers of the Darkness were spread between Heaven and to eight Earths, the Powers became trapped in this physical world – became a prison for the Powers of Darkness. The Sun and Moon were assigned fixed heights, and they were created to purify the soul. The world was also created to be the place for the purification of the soul – the soul is swallowed up in the Powers of Darkness.

There is a great Building that is being erected outside the World, once this is complete, the entire world will be dissolved. All Life (Life is the remnants of Light) will be gathered by the Father and made into a Statue. The Father will do the same with the Darkness.

The Living Spirit will come and aid the Light, but the Darkness shall be imprisoned forever within the physical world. This is the only way to keep the Darkness in peace, as it cannot be trusted in its own world alone, as it would surely wage another attack on the Light.

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