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The Sethian Gnostics

The Sethian Gnostics are an extremely important sect of the Gnostic religion. This particular group believed themselves to be direct descendents of Seth, thus, making them descendents of Adam and Eve. This group taught that Seth was the ultimate safeguard and keeper of gnosis. By descending directly from Seth himself, these Gnostics were the only true keepers of the gnosis. Naturally, the Sethian Gnostics held Seth himself to be a savior-figure.

The first instance of Sethian Gnostics in history occurs in the first century, CE. The Sethians notably viewed Seth as the keeper of knowledge, and believed Jesus to be a manifestation of Seth. An important aspect of the Sethian tradition is their blending of revolutionary interpretation of Genesis with Greek philosophical ideas. Thus, the Sethian Gnostic writings result in Jewish and Greek (notably, Platonic) themes. Many present-day Gnostic scholars also believe that the Sethian texts may have influenced the Valentinians, Thomasines and Basilideans.

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