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Bardaisan was born on July 11, 155 CE in the royal city of Edessa. His family was notably wealthy, as young Bardaisan was educated alongside the crown prince of the Abgar dynasty. This friendship proved to be extremely beneficial in Bardaisanís later life. When this prince finally ascended the throne, Bardaisan became his confidant and advisor. This sort of political rapport was exactly what Bardaisan needed to gain popularity and political support.

During his childhood, Bardaisan and his family moved away from Edessa, citing political instability. It is important to note that both of Bardaisanís parents were devout pagans. During their travels, Bardaisan lived in the home of a heathen priest, and undoubtedly learned the details of Babylonian astrology. When he was a young man, Bardaisan overheard the homilies of the Bishop of Edessa. Bardaisan learned all about Christian teachings, received baptism and admittance into the priesthood.

Bardaisan eventually returned to Edessa, and his childhood friend had now become the King. Bardaisan baptized and converted the king to Christianity. Because he was the kingís confidant and advisor, Bardaisan was able to convert much of the kingdom to Christianity.

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