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Texts that are characteristically Sethian frequently place heavy emphasis on the pleroma and the divine. These texts also portray an acute blend of revolutionary ideas with Greek philosophy. By blending the two mediums together, the Sethians have written numerous accounts that portray a balance of the two.

The importance of Seth as a paradigmatic human being is another important Sethian theme. This message results in clear Christian wisdom, with Jesus regarded as a revealer of knowledge and a manifestation of Seth. The most prominent Sethian works include the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, The Secret Book of John and the Second Discourse of Great Seth.

The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit is a Sethian baptismal handbook. The introduction is a description of the universe's origin, using Sethian cosmological terms. Naturally, this introduction starts with an affirmation of the transcendent one, the Father. The Sethian Gnostics claim that Seth himself instituted baptism and the baptismal ceremony.

The Secret Book of John is a classic Sethian account on the origin, fall and salvation of the material world and its inhabitants. This document is a Christian account that regards Jesus as the revealer of cosmological knowledge, but it seems to have foundations upon Jewish texts. The Sethian Gnostics may have considered this work to be the second part of The Gospel of John. The most important part of this book reveals the importance of the divine mind and shows implications for humanity. Finally, this text calls every human to attain gnosis. Those that respond to this summon will understand the divine within.

The Second Discourse of Great Seth is also traditionally entitled the Second Treatise of the Great Seth. This text includes a speech from Jesus regarding the salvific knowledge and the true meaning of His crucifixion. Jesus speaks the entire text. Jesus claims that the Orthodox Church members not only misunderstand the crucifixion, but they are mistakenly focusing their doctrine upon it. Jesus goes on to say that baptism is actually when individuals come to be one with Christ, and he one with them.

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