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Today, there is almost no information regarding the life of Basilides. Scholars have determined that Basilides composed a Biblical criticism, consisting of twenty-four books on the Gospel. Basilides was a native of Alexandria, and flourished there from 132-135 CE; although some believe that his pinnacle is extended by some years from this. Basilides also studied under St. Peter, and later taught at Alexandria. Some scholars believe that Basilides was one of the founding fathers of the Christian School of Alexandria. It is also known that Basilides had a son name Isidore that later followed in his father's footsteps.

While there is little known his life, Basilides is an important and significant figure in the development of Gnosticism. Basilides is thought to be the earliest Christian philosopher; blending Stoicism with Platonism. In addition, Basilides' doctrine represented a form of Gnosticism close to Persian dualism. This is important, as it is the only Syrian-Egyptian sect to have such a similar doctrine to their Persian counterparts in its final form.

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