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There is almost no information found today about the Borborites. What is known about this Gnostic sect is likely untrue and only written by heresiologists in an attempt to excommunicate this religion. Some scholars believe that Borborites derived their name from the Greek word “borboros” meaning mud. If this is true, then the Borborites were the “filthy ones”.

Epiphanius claimed that the Sethians inspired the Borborites. The Borborites had distinct rituals of sexual sacraments that included smearing their hands with menstrual blood and semen. The Borborites are also rumored the extract fetuses from pregnant women for food. Fetuses from women that became pregnant during a sexual ritual (usually by accident) were especially important for these rituals.

It is important to note that all of these allegations are from their opponents, and there are no surviving remnants of the Borborite sect today. Opponents of the Borborites wrote nothing about their doctrine, the significance of their sacraments or if they shared any sort of organizational structure.

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